Export of farmed shrimp

Export of farmed shrimp

The idea of shrimp farming, or cultivation of shrimp under controlled conditions in salt- or brackish-water ponds, has aroused much interest in world in recent years.Shrimp appear particularly desirable for artificial cultivation because of their rapid growth and high market value

Since shrimp has a high nutritional value, it is very valuable

It is anticipated that by prope r timing, a shrimp farmer may control the development of his stocks, so that abundant live bait shrimp of appropri a te size can be harvested at the peak of demand

In Asia, shrimps have for centuries been grown in traditional systems

.The culture of shrimp and other marine animals is an important industry in certain maritime coun tries of Southeast Asia

with low productivity aimed for domestic markets

Export-oriented shrimp

aquaculture is a fairly recent industry that took off in the mid 1970s. With

improved technologies and the introduction of formulated feeds, the industry

.boomed in the following decade

In 1975, the shrimp aquaculture industry

contributed to 2.5% of total shrimp production, which gradually increased to

.around 30% in the 1990s

 Today shrimp farming makes up only 3-4% of global

.We have been able to achieve this technology in Iran and in the city of Bushehr and carry out shrimp farming in a specialized way

Export of farmed shrimp

?Which country has the best farmed shrimp

The export of shrimp and the export of fish last year to countries such as Turkey, Iraq, the UAE, China, Spain and France have been able to create a good economic boom for the country. Of course, the largest amount of exports was to countries such as China and the UAE

In the last decade, with the tact and planning of engineers, the problems related to shrimp farming in the public and private sectors have decreased day by day, and this has made Iran’s shrimp export and trade find its place and path in the world markets, and the aspect of earning money for have a country

.Iran has one of the best farmed shrimp, which can meet the needs of consumers with its high production capacity

.Bushehr is one of the cities that has extensive activities in this area

The most important characteristics of shrimps for export

Shrimps are 10-legged crustaceans with an elongated body and specialized appendages for swimming in the sea, whose legs are thin and weak, unlike crabs and lobsters. These creatures have thousands of species in different places and ecosystems, including the sea bed, lakes and rivers. Usually, the life span of these animals is between one and seven years depending on the type of species and environmental conditions, the life of this creature is solitary

The dimensions of shrimps are between 2 and 25 cm, and larger species have high economic value. These creatures are very important in the nature and food chain of animals and they are the food source of many creatures. The price of exported shrimp is influenced by a wide range, the most important of which is the size of the shrimp. Whether it is marine or farmed shrimp, the amount of supply and demand, the way of supply, the reduction of stocks and resources of marine aquatics and intermediaries, etc. are factors that affect the price of shrimp

Export of farmed shrimp, Frozen Common Shrimp & Prawn

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The price of farmed shrimp






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